Jesus Appearing on a Beer Billboard?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- A resident says a billboard advertisement for Pabst Blue Ribbon is going too far, using a subject who resembles Jesus Christ.

The billboard is along Highway 99 depicts a bearded man wearing a head band and striped socks, with a squid using its tentacles to grab the beer can.

Paul Ross said he wants the billboard to be removed since the man could be mistaken for Jesus. He feels the resemblence is too close and can be offensive to Christians.


"You see something real, of real faith and you see that kind of stuff and it's just inappropriate," Ross said.

Other Corvallis residents don't seem to mind the billboard, saying that art is the company's style of advertising.

Resident Caitlin Garets said "I can understand how someone can be offended if they're very Christian, but I know that Pabst markets to a lot of hipster, college-aged kids."

"I just think it looks like a guy with a beard," resident Sean Daniels said.

The company asks customers to submit PBR Art on their website. According to the billboard in Corvallis, Jacob White from Los Gatos, California is the artist.

We tried to contact PBR's corporate offices and we also e-mailed them, but no one has responded.


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