Rackspace's cloud goes down; A few blog sites notice

Sunday, December 20, 2009

You’d think that an outage at Rackspace crippled the Internet and left us peering outside our cubicles left to actually talk to real people or something. The reality: Rackspace had another unfortunate outage that happened to hit the folks who write about these things.

For sure, Rackspace needs to get its act together as these outages can hurt a company’s reputation—especially one as PR happy as Rackspace. Rackspace’s cloud stumbled in June and twice in November.

MG Siegler at TechCrunch proclaims that Rackspace’s outage took the Internet with it. Actually that’s not the case: Rackspace took TechCrunch with it. And Scoble. And Laughing Squid. And a few others vocal bloggers.

Last time I checked, Google, Yahoo and much of the rest of the Internet was fine.

Why? Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. Rackspace is small potatoes. Now it’s a fast growing bag of potatoes, but still dinky. And the other catch: Rackspace is more about hosting than the cloud. And if Rackspace ever wants to bring down the Internet through its mishaps it will need to grow—significantly. Here’s a look at the latest figures from Rackspace. If the company was capable of bringing down the Internet these numbers would be way larger.



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