SuBo top of the YouTube charts

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The most watched video on YouTube this year was Susan Boyle. Yep. Susan Boyle.

In a television appearance that was both disturbing and impressive Boyle belted out a song by Elaine Paige that out of choice most people wouldn't listen to in the first place. In doing so she won the hearts and minds, and concern for well being, of YouTube viewers everywhere.

120 million people have watched the "I Dreamed a Dream" clip on YouTube, or if it makes you feel better about the future of the planet, 12 people watched it 10 million times each.

Further cementing our plans to dig out a metal bunker in which to spend the rest of our days in isolation, the second most popular video featured a six-year old boy hopped up on dental drugs. What have we become? And the third most popular was a clip of a very self-indulgent and presumably over long wedding ceremony, in which a family of wannabees generally destroyed the sanctity of a church, while simulataneously making Sony money.

And that's worldwide. In the UK the most popular videos included one of babies rollerskating, something that sounds straight out of a nightmare to us, and a very slow to play interactive Street Fighter video game.

It is interesting to see what search terms proved popular over the course of the year, if only because it provides a quick glance at a number of key events. For example, December saw searches for Tiger Woods shoot up, and June and July saw people devour Micheal Jackson videos with such fervour that you would think he must have died or something.

"From a new singer's debut on the world stage to newlyweds dancing down the aisle, YouTube offers everyone a way to experience and share in the big or small moments that touch millions of people around the world," said Chad Hurley, chief executive and co-founder of YouTube.

We are presumably still waiting on the 'big' moments. In the meantime, you can keep your Boyles.



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