WCM vendors to focus on intranets

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New CMS Watch predictions also believe ECM and document management will diverge

Enterprises content management and document management will diverge in 2010, as vendors go back to basics by paying more attention to internal content technologies, according to the latest predictions from analyst firm CMS Watch.

The firm said in its latest blog posting that ECM only works for firms which have “unified and services-oriented architectural approach to IT” and that most instead focus on specific business processes and therefore need specific software solutions.
“Therefore, in 2010 we will see more vendors returning to core document management and workflow requirements, and becoming bolder about their lack of interest in embracing broader ECM functionality (DAM, WCM, Collaboration, and so forth) -- at least not in an integrated platform,” the posting noted.

CMS Watch also argued that in order to differentiate next year, web content management vendors will “give more love to intranets”.

“Intranet managers have had to take on greater responsibilities in the past year, especially for internal collaboration and community services,” the posting explained.

“But they frequently tell us that their Web CMS vendors have turned their attentions slavishly to the needs of public website marketers. Amid a crowded market for e-marketing-oriented WCM solutions, in 2010 some opportunistic WCM vendors will renew their focus on the specific needs of intranet scenarios.”



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