Why Linux is the Best Server Hosting Option for Small Businesses

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nowadays, serious business websites could not operate efficiently without the use of a server. May it be an affordable shared server type for small to medium sized businesses, or the costlier dedicated servers that are more apt for bigger sites, the fact still remains that servers now seem to be necessities for websites to function competently.

When talking about the hosting plans available, users generally have two options. They can either opt for a Windows or a Linux-based server to satisfy their online needs. Both types have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. However, Linux has certainly become the more popular choice for owners of small to medium sized online businesses. Here are some of the reasons why.

Cost and Convenience

Perhaps the most important factor considered by users is that Linux-based servers or hosting plans are definitely much more affordable than its Windows counterpart. This becomes quite relevant especially for small businesses that do not have that big a budget. The beauty with Linux hosting plans is that they are able to provide pretty much the same type of service at a much cheaper price.

Another significant aspect of Linux-based servers is that they have an open source code. Because of this, a lot of programmers all over the world are able to create loads of wonderful programs and applications that will run on the Linux system. Compatibility never becomes an issue. This makes it more convenient for users to install new applications on the website to further improve its functionality. In fact, this has even brought about some conclusions that Linux servers are actually able to provide its users with more features for their websites.

Dependability and Efficiency

Over the years, Linux has continued to build its reputation as one of the most reliable and dependable operating systems in the market. Aside from being a little bit faster and somewhat more user-friendly, the main advantage of a Linux operating system is that it less prone to crashing when compared to a Windows server. Users will not need to worry about their websites going down at a crucial point which will definitely cause more than just a little headache.

The UNIX Advantage

There are currently a lot of scripting languages used on the internet today. Some of the most popular include PHP, Java, Python and Perl. What these languages have in common is that they were all developed on UNIX servers. This means that there is no need for a Microsoft system in order to run these languages. However, it is actually quite the opposite when it comes to languages that were developed on Windows servers i.e. ASP.net. These types of languages will only run in conjunction with other Microsoft-developed products such as MS-SQL. In short, Linux hosting plans provide more options for its users as it is compatible with more scripting languages.

When all of these factors are put into play, it is very easy to see why a lot of small to medium sized businesses opt for Linux hosting plans. Not only are they cheaper, but they also provide more options for their users should they find the need to further develop their websites.


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