The British Insecurity Firm Says Sorry To Microsoft

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It was malware not Windows

THE BRITISH INSECURITY FIRM that claimed Microsoft's last security patch created a 'black screen of death' has said sorry for stuffing it up.

Prevx charged last week that the security patch made changes to Microsoft operating systems' registry and were the most likely cause of the error that caused a small number of people's machines to crash.

The Vole and Prevx apparently sat down and tried to work out what was happening and came to the conclusion that there was no way that the security patches could have caused the problem.

While it worked that out, Microsoft urged users to install patches carefully, testing them before rolling them out across a company. Not helpful advice for home users, of course.

Prevx has concluded that the problem must have been caused by some malware that stuffed up the configurations before the patches went in.

This tallies with the fact that very few people suffered from the problem, which if it were a result of the security patches would have affected more than just a few dozen users.

The company has apologised to Microsoft for the "inconvenience" caused by its original blog posting and is urging Windows 7 users to continue updating the operating system as normal.

A Microsoft spokesman said that there was nothing to see here move on please.



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