Download Free Need For Speed 4 - High Stakes

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Download Free Need For Speed 4 - High Stakes

Need for Speed: High Stakes (also known asNeed For Speed: Road Challenge in Europe and Brazil) is a 1999 racing video game, developed by Electronic Arts Canada and published by Electronic Arts. It is part of the Need for Speed series, once again featuring a host of exotic sport cars and tracks located in Western Europe and North America.

Career Mode has a chronological set of tournaments that challenges the player to complete a set of 8-car races for trophies to unlock bonus cars and tracks, incorporating a monetary reward system that allows a player to purchase vehicles, performance upgrades as well as repairs while earning cash by racing. In addition, each cup tournament requires that the player compete against one opponent in a "High Stakes" race (only in the PC version, and only after the first tournament). There are more tournaments on the PC version, and they are different from the console one - for example, the PS version separates the Career into two separate modes, Tournament and Special Event.

High Stakes Mode
High Stakes race is a challenge, wherein the winner of the race will obtain the loser's car, while the loser obviously loses his car. On Playstation it is a separate 2-Player mode, which required 2 memory cards inserted and deleted the loser's car immediately after the race to prevent re-loading.
Hot Pursuit Mode,Classic,Getaway,Time racing.


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