5 Common Motherboard Problems

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Problem 1 New CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) settings can not be saved.

It is often owing to the motherboard
battery is under voltage; you need to change the battery. If the voltage is still too low, it may have two possibilities.

One, the motherboard circuit goes on the fritz, and you'd better take it
to the pro.

Second, the problem is in the motherboard CMOS jumper, and sometimes you have cleaned CMOS by mistake or set it as using the external battery, so it can not save the new CMOS data.

Problem 2 Computer crashes or CD-ROM reading slows
down after setting up motherboard drivers.

It usually happens in some inferior motherboards: when you finish installing your motherboard drivers and restart the machine, you can not enter the Windows 98 interface in the normal mode, furthermore, the drivers can not be unloaded. For this, you'd better find out the latest motherboard driver and install it, if still failed you have to reinstall your operating system

Problem 3 Mouse is unavailable wheninstalling or booting up your Windows system.

Its cause in software is generally the incorrect CMOS settings. In the Power Man
agement of the CMOS, there is an item called modem use interrupt request, which is commonly default as 3, and you can change to choose one of other options except 3.

Problem 4 Computer crashes when setting the CMOS

The source of this tiresome ordeal usually hides in the CPU or the motherboard Cache, sometimes maybe the poor heat dissipation in the motherboard gives rise to such crashes. For the Cache problem, you can fix it by disabling the Cache in the CMOS, but certainly that w
ould affect your Internet speed. If not the Cache problem, probably you have to replace your CPU or motherboard.

Problem 5 Motherboard COM port, Line Print Terminal port or Integrated Drive Electronics port doesn't work properly.

This usually happens when you hot plug the relevant hardware, firstly you need to disable the COM port, the Line Print Terminal port (sometimes you even need to disable the Integrated Drive Electronics port) that built-in the motherboard, and then use a multifunction card instead.


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