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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The main culprits causing poor PC performance are computer viruses, spyware, hard drive clutter, failure to de-fragment the PC hard drive, and lack of regular registry cleaning. Take care of these things and your PC will provide your with years of optimal service.

Computers require more than an occasional dusting and brushing. They need maintenance and care of the operating system and software. A highly recommended way of caring for your computer is to use registry cleaners and/or similar software to optimize Windows performance. These programs methodically scan your registry, reorganize and match all registry files with programs or applications that use the specific files. Good programs also provide the option to repair damaged files and recover lost files.

The great thing about registry cleaners is they keep a record of all the repairs done by the user. Previous registry changes are easily recovered if needed. Cleaners can be customized to scan only the items you select. In this way invalid or wrong registry entries are detected and removed to help optimize Windows performance. Some cleaners also defragment a computer system for you, thereby providing you with a useful, cost-effective measure to maintain optimal performance. Good cleaners eliminate the need for expensive maintenance checks and computer professionals. The best online registry scanners help users optimize their slow performing computers easily and effortlessly.

Some Causes and Solutions For Sluggish Performance

A sluggish computer is never a good thing and is often a sign of worse things ahead. Fortunately you need not worry when your computer starts acting up because there are effective, user-friendly ways of determining the cause. Follow these five simple steps to enhance your PC's performance, reliability, and speed.

Step 1 -- Get Rid of Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are the main culprits for slow PC performance. Many of these unwanted bugs pop up suddenly when you click on certain links or visit certain websites. Viruses definitely affect your PC's speed and can even infect your system without your knowledge.

The solution is simple. Install an antivirus application onto your computer to block viruses from infecting your computer when you connect to the internet. Use your favorite search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc.) to find free antivirus software that you can download and install. These programs will detect computer viruses and remove them and other malicious programs. Always check the option to keep this software updated because a lot of viruses are created daily.

Step 2 -- Rid Your System Of Spyware

Spyware is usually installed on your PC without your personal consent. Even good antivirus programs cannot detect all spyware (also called malware) in your system. You need an antispyware application to detect and remove malicious spyware. Search online for Spybot Search & Destroy and install this antispyware software in your computer system.

Step 3 -- Reduce Hard Drive Clutter – This Also Improves Perfomance

Surfing the net for a long time fills your browser cache with files that dramatically slow down PC performance. This is because Windows stores every website you visit and every image you download in files on your hard drive. This can greatly affect your PC's speed and performance and can be a danger to your Internet security. A good solution I’ve found is Cyberscrub Privacy Suite software. It cleans the cache, deletes duplicate files and enhances my PC's speed and performance.

Step 4 - Defragment Your Hard Drive

Lastly, defragging the hard drive speeds up PC performance. Use the Defrag utility provided with your Windows system and set it to run at a time when you won’t be using your computer as this step is time consuming. Once your hard drive is properly defragmented you’ll enjoy excellent performance once again.

Step 5 -- Dramatically Improve PC Performance With Registry Cleaner Software

Windows errors are often the reason why a PC underperforms. Registry Mechanic is one of the best programs you can use to thoroughly clean your registry files, duplicate files, and any other files not properly installed on your PC.

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There is a great software Digeus I always use it when there are problems with windows. I also recommend Windsty Tune Up Suite. It restores system to a healthy state.

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