Farmville Tips and Hints – Tree and Animal Profit Values

Sunday, November 22, 2009

In FarmVille you now have the ability to harvest your animals in addition to your crops to earn money. Below I have compiled a list of profits for trees and animals with their corresponding profit and cost margins. I am assuming that the initial cost of all of the items listed below is zero since it’s possible to gift these items to yourself.

Plot Profit/Hour = (Sell Value/Production Time) * Items Per Plot
Plot Profit/Day = (Plot Profit/Hour) * 24

Table 1: Animal and Tree Profits per Day in Farmville

*This is how much you would make per week if you were able to completely fill a single farmable plot with this animal/tree. It should be noted that the horse and cows take up twice as much space as the other animals. This is why the lot profits for them are so low.

**This animal was only available for a limited time.

Something I like to do is to sell the trees that have a lower payout because to me it's just not worth crowding my farm with them. You may feel differently but the fact that you still have to harvest each on individually can be a bit tiresome. Especially when you don't gain any experience from doing it. Olive trees and Pomegranate trees are obviously the best ones and all of those should be kept at all times.

Animals are a different story all together. Recently a Dairy Farm was added to the game which conserves space considering how much virtual space Farmville Cows take up. Ducks, rabbits, sheep and chickens don't take up much room but the bigger animals like horses and goats offer some of the higher payouts.


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