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Monday, November 23, 2009

Why Restrict USB Drives from accessing your computer ?
We use USB Drives everyday and are grateful for the service they provide, but on the downside, there are three reasons people should restrict or control USB Drive Access into their computers. 1. Virus Traffic 2. Personal Privacy 3. Data Theft

Virus Traffic: There are many people these days that use USB Drives on a daily basis. At work or at home you’ll find many people carrying their USB Drives with many good and bad files. The most draw back to using USB Drives is Virus Traffic. A USB Drive will carry viruses to all accessed computers.

Most Antivirus software today are specialized with internet virus sources and are paying little attention to viruses coming directly from USB Drives. Autorun virus is one of the most types of viruses that might tamper with your computer files and settings coming from a USB Drive and the Antivirus won’t even notice.

Imagine 1000 employees each with a personal USB Drive that carries god knows what type of viruses from home and plugs in his/her USB Drive into a network PC of 1000 users !!! You can prevent this problem from happening ahead of time by using USB Drive Monitor to control USB Drive access to your computers.

Personal Privacy: in todays world even the little brothers and sisters carry USB Drives in their little pockets. If you’re at home and you keep personal notes, pictures, videos, or even working on an important project; you need to have your computer secured.

Otherwise with one little innocent mistake all your data will be gone after your little sibling inserts a USB Drive into your PC. Your private information might be uploaded on the internet as a silly joke.

You can use the USB Drive Monitor to secure your PC from Foreign USB Drives or even lock and unlock your PC by using your configured Personal USB Drive. You can activate a screensaver or generate a sound or custom text alert to intruders. You’ll have full control over your PC.

Data Theft: Its a good practice to use USB Drives at work, but with rules and regulations. Without proper USB Access Control you’ll have your company data and privacy at risk.

Solution One: You can have a master PC that logs USB Drive files by using USB Drive Monitor to identify unique hardware key and user name as well as log USB Drive file content and use this PC as a checking gateway for your company.

Solution Two: You can assign a USB Drive to be officially used inside the company only and restrict all other USB Mass Storage Devices. You can configure this USB Drive by using the USB Drive Monitor and securing the program with a password used by the administrator. The USB Drive monitor can be configured to delete files on unauthorized USB Drives inserted into any computer to make sure no data is lost.

Solution Three: Its the important information that needs to be protected. Your company can assign specified PCs to have confidential and important data and secure then with the USB Drive Monitor. You can have all USB Mass Storage Devices disabled, Sound and Text messages enabled, Task Manager disabled, Screensaver enabled and file deletion on Foreign USB Drives inserted will still be an option.

This way you set the rules and the USB Drive Monitor will enforce them for you.

More reasons……..

Personal Home USB Drive Monitor Usage
Do you ever wonder how your little brother or sister got your funny or embarrassing photos and distributed them to all your family and friends? Do you want that to happen again ? Do you remember when your little brother or sister deleted your most important term paper a day before its due ?

why wait ? get the USB Drive Monitor and keep their USB Drives away from your PC or Laptop by using your USB Drive as a unique access key!!!

How? by bringing up a screensaver and securing your PC once you take out your Personal USB Drive from the computer and disables them once your Personal USB is plugged in again.

This program can be used by parents as a parental control tool to monitor what their kids download on their USB Drives by using the USB Drive Monitor as a computer surveillance software to monitor computer USB Drive activity.

USB Drive Monitor Office PC Usage
You can keep your computer secured and locked when you leave your desk by using the built in USB Drive Monitor Screensaver and activating the Access Key Mode. You can use your configured Personal USB Drive to disable and enable the screensaver or use a personal password. You can also disable the use of all USB Mass Storage devices except for your own Personal USB Drive.

You can simply take out your configured USB Drive and the screensaver will automatically lock your computer, You can disable Task manager or simply disable the use of Mass Storage Devices except your Personal USB Drive, Preventing Data Theft and securing your PC from unauthorized use of USB Mass Storage Devices on your computer. By inserting your USB Drive again you can access your PC and get to work again without inputting a password.

Do you have really important work information stolen from your computer ? you can set the USB Drive Monitor to invisibly log all foreign USB Drives activity from access times in seconds to file name contents as well as foreign USB Drive name and most importantly the Unique Hardware Serial Number of the Foreign USB Drive. This way you can know who and when copied files from your computer.

USB Drive Monitor Large Company PCs Usage
Monitor your employee USB Drive usage activity. The USB Drive Monitor can be a very effective employee monitoring tool. You don’t have to disable all USB ports on your company computers and loose all the great things they offer. You can still use the mouse, keyboard, wireless dongle, bluetooth and all the cool things a USB port offers, Just disable USB Mass Storage Devices.

You can control USB Drives access by configuring a USB Drive for all computers or configure a USB Drive for every employee computer. You can also configure one Company USB Drive to be used by all your subordinates to control information and virus trafficking. Its possible to disable all USB Mass Storage Devices including USB Drives except for one Company USB Drive that will work on all computers in a controlled and secure way.

You can simply allow all USB Drives in your company. If there are any data loss or data theft, you can easily investigate the USB Drive Monitor Log file for data traffic and USB Drive usage on any suspected computer.

You can get a Copy of the Log File that contains the following information:

Drive Index
Logging Time
Drive Letter
Drive Label (Name)
Drive Size (GB)
Drive Unique Hardware Key
File Contents up to 3 Folder Levels Deep


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