Advantages Of Using An External Hard Drive.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Computers have become a necessity in today’s times. People maintain their complete accounts on the computer rather than manually maintaining them in books. People from the advertising world use different software to create beautiful animated advertisements and videos. Teenagers download songs and movies and watch them on their computers or laptops. All this requires space to save all the data. There is an internal hard drive in the computer that saves all the data. However, with the amount of data increasing and being very large in size, an external hard drive has become a necessity. It is a small piece of enclosure which is slightly bigger than the internal hard drive and can store a lot of data. It has platters on it that are discs which store data. More the number of platters on it more is the amount of data that can be stored on it. The external hard drive can be connected to the computer with a high-speed interface cable. The interfaces used are USB or FireWire.

The advantages of using an external hard drive are as follows:-
1.) Most importantly, it can be used as a backup to store data that can be easily corrupted by viruses that attack the computer despite installing the best anti-virus software and firewalls. It is always advisable to have a back up of all important official data on an external hard drive.

2.) At times, there is very sensitive and confidential information on the computer which should be accessed only by a few select people. Such data need not be stored on the internal hard drive. It can be stored on different external hard drives and each person who is authorised to access that data can be given an external hard drive.

3.) People like to listen to songs or watch movies on their computers or laptops. This data requires a lot of space and can hence be stored on an external drive rather than on the internal hard drive. If you are taking a flight, you can watch your favourite movie or listen to songs of your choice by simply plugging in the external hard drive into your computer.

4.) An external drive comes in handy when you go on vacation trips. If you are carrying a digital camera, you can click innumerable photographs and then transfer them on your computer. You can then save them on your external hard drive rather than let them occupy too much space of the internal hard drive. You can empty the photographs existing in your digital camera and store them in the external hard drive so that you can keep clicking more photographs.

5.) It is a very small device and can be easily carried with you. If you need to transfer some data from one computer to another or save some songs, movies, etc from your friend’s laptop on to your external hard drive and access them later, it can be easily done. Plus, external hard drives do not make noise while processing data while internal home drives do make some noise.

The above advantages are proof enough to understand that an external hard drive is essential and useful for any computer user.


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